Marlin Firearms Collectors Association

Marlin Firearms Collectors Association

All of the typewriters on this page are owned by me, but are only on public display virtually through this Web site. The typewriter collection contains over typewrites from 23 manufacturers spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, from at least ten countries United States, Japan, China, East Germany, West Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England and the Nethelands. The museum contains at least one typewriter from each decade since the s. Several of the typewriters and Mr. Martin were on the History Channel television show Modern Marvels episode called “Retro Tech” which originally aired on December 19, Typewriters were quite expensive when new, sometimes exceeding the equivalent cost of a laptop computer today. They are also very finely crafted and cool machines. While many are quite old, a lot of typewriters were sold and they were made to last.

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In the case of the P14 rifle, Winchester and Remington were selected. Rather than re-tool completely, the factories, under the close supervision of the US Army Ordnance Department, altered the design for caliber. Winchester produced the rifle at their New Haven, Connecticut plant and Remington at their main facility at Ilion, New York and at another plant in Eddystone, Pennsylvania.

The M Bayonet was also produced and used on several other small arms. The new rifle was used alongside the M Springfield rifle and quickly surpassed the Springfield design in numbers produced and units issued.

According to the barrel dating code this Remington Model Woodsmaster was made in , making it a first year production gun for this model. This is a very nice Remington Sportsman 12 gauge with a camo shureshot stock and 28 inch vent rib barrel. The matte finished metal is .

Reproduced here with his kind permission. However, with the current use of these rifles in historic competition, some of the alterations would be ill-advised in the light of year rulesand in the interest of maintaining the originality of what have become classiccollector’s pieces. It was basically in good condition, but required a few detail points of attention as outlined in the article.

As in very many cases this rifle is a B. A little history for the younger members of our sport: The majority of the B.

remington 700 vls 223 review

There were Model 76’s manfactured in Grip Cap and Sling Swivels Standard. After serial number on a new serial number block started and shared with Semi-Automatic model Serial number block started at 6, , Rear sight changed to an adjustable ramp configuration.

Jun 20,  · Remington Model Barrel w/Ventilated Rib, except deer barrels. 12 ga. Steel shot barrel supplied with full choke only. Steel shot barrel note. Use /4 or 3 inch shells in Magnum Receivers and /4 or 3 inch shells with steel shot and only /4 inch shells with lead sho t in non-magnum receivers.

Remington recalls Model , Model Seven rifles due to faulty trigger December 9, at The company asks owners of these rifles to stop using the gun and immediately return it to Remington for inspection, cleaning and testing. The recall is effective for guns manufactured from May 1, to April 9, To determine your rifle is eligible for the recall, Remington says to locate the serial number where the barrel meets the receiver. Enter the serial number here or call Monday through Friday from 8 a.

Remington says an investigation determined some XMP triggers might have excess bonding agent used in the assembly process. The company says it is confident in the trigger’s design but is removing any excess bonding agent from the recalled weapons in the interest of consumer safety. The company adds that the recalled rifles can be returned to Remington free of charge. The guns will be inspected, specially cleaned, tested and returned as soon as possible at no cost to the consumer.

They ask owners that they not attempt to diagnose or repair the recalled rifles.

When Was My Gun Made? Firearm Dates by Serial Number

How old is my Remington Fieldmaster model sn ? I do believe it is manufactured post , pre “68 rifles id not usually require a serial number. It’s date code stamped on the barrel, see related links for information on the Remington Society of America. What is the value of a Remington model 25 pump rifle? The value for a Remington 25 pump rifle is whatever another person is willing to pay. There was only 33, ever made.

The Remington Model 51 was designed by John D. Pedersen prior to the First World War. The first patent application on the gun was filed in In , seven patents were issued for the weapon. Six went to John Pedersen, and one went to Crawford C. Loomis, both employees of the Remington Arms.

Pretty much all of the dates were wrong — at least a year off, and sometimes more in some cases. I suspect that most of it probably came from a typo that Mr. Schumann might have made in his spreadsheet, as I found some instances where years were simply skipped. Could be he originally had fairly close numbers and the date column got misaligned. The sources that Mr Schumann used to compile the Royal list are mostly unavailable to me, so I could not check to see if the original source was off or if the data was simply transcribed incorrectly.

The sources I do have access to all agree almost exactly as to the serial numbers and dates, and that was a pleasant surprise. I expected more variance, but once I compared them all side-by-side, I found them matching up with each other with almost perfect precision. Invariably, these lists produced dates that made sense considering what we know about body styles and features we should expect for certain years on certain machines — again, a good clue that TW-DB was just off track and that these contemporary sources were much better and more accurate.

Remington Model 11

HumanidJun 2, She dated David Hodges. I meant not Her ‘Behind these Hazel Eyes’ song is about her ex-boyfriend David..

Lot of two UMC (green one marked UMC & yellow one marked remington UMC) 12 gauge, two piece, empty, shot size 6, buff box with multi colored labels 3 1/4 drams, 1 1/8 oz. (UMC, can’t read the remington UMC box).

All Nylon 66s have Nylon 66 on the grip cap. Note the Black Diamond version two rifles below the green one as well as the black rifle with the white diamond which is the CBC import rifle second from bottom. The Apache Black on the top stands out in a collection as well Remington also made 3 bolt-action nylon rifles from A smooth bore single shot Nylon 10 was also made in limited numbers. It is known as the Nylon 10 SB. A table full of rare black and chrome Nylon 76 lever actions.

A lever action nylon rifle was made for a short time Nylon 76 Trail Rider. The Nylon 76 also came in a limited black and chrome version. It is believed to have been made in black stock blued version as well, perhaps called the standard though there is no factory documentation to support that version. Most of bolts and the lever were brown and blue. A few allegedly came out in black and chrome but there is no documentation to support that.

The bolts on the bolt-action rifles had spoon shaped handles and were chromed on all versions. Barrel lengths on all the nylon rifles were typically Grip marking on the bolt action Nylons..

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Posts 2, The Remington Model 51 was never official military issue, but was favored by many military officers. I seem to recall that General Patton owned one, and in a lot of old photos of Air Corp pilots you’ll often see a Model 51 in a shoulder holster. These were high quality guns that are still safe to shoot with standard load ammo as long as they’re in good shape. The Model 51 was discontinued because of competition from German and American made small autos that were cheaper to make.

Disassembly for cleaning is as follows:

Jul 29,  · The Remington Model 10 A was manufactured between and , with a total production of about , units. Many different grades were made, designated by .

Invention, the act of bringing ideas or objects together in a novel way to create something that did not exist before. The incandescent lightbulb—the quintessential invention, attributed to Thomas Alva Edison in Indeed, the brain appears to be a natural inventor. As part of the act of perception, humans assemble, arrange, and manipulate incoming sensory information so as to build a dynamic , constantly updated model of the outside world.

The survival value of such a model lies in the fact that it functions as a template against which to match new experiences, so as to rapidly identify anything anomalous that might be life-threatening. Such a model would also make it possible to predict danger. The predictive act would involve the construction of hypothetical models of the way the world might be at some future point.

Such models could include elements that might, for whatever reason, be assembled into novel submodels inventive ideas. Replica stone tools of the Acheulean industry, used by Homo erectus and early modern humans, and of the Mousterian industry, used by Neanderthals. Top, left to right Mid-Acheulean bifacial hand ax and Acheulean banded-flint hand ax.

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Liked Times in Posts Another great thread, thank you. I am in the process of creating my own instructional materials for rifle and pistol instruction. I cannot afford to buy stock photos, and at any rate none fit my needs.

Remington used the circle stamping system on its higher quality knives, and the straight line stamp on its lesser quality knives. Below you will find pictures of most tang stamps Remington used over the company’s many years of manufacturing.

The model 5T has a true tabulator instead of the five-space or paragraph key found on its near-twin, the model 5. It cost no more than the regular model 5: The specimen pictured above was made in Canada. Most were made before This typewriter is similar to the 3 , but looks more solid and has a broader, boxier shape. Remington literature describes the 5 as “the world’s best seller,” and it was certainly an enduring member of the Remington line.

Sold in France as the “Rem In another unusual variant, the top plate of the body between the keyboard and the keys is painted blue. A strange little experiment. Remington Noiseless 8 Oct. This curious typewriter is virtually identical to the noiseless 7 , mechanically. The design looks like a 7 with angular, faceted surfaces.

Slow Motion: Remington Model 11 Shotgun

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