Doulton Marks

Doulton Marks

See companion article on the inspirational aspects of candle-lighting. Lighting time varies, depending on the time of year and city location, but must always be done before sunset. See a current online listing at aish. There are special calendars that you can buy at your local Jewish bookstore that will list all the candle lighting times for the year. Or download one for free at aish. If you don’t have such a guide, simply check your local newspaper for the time of sunset and subtract 18 minutes. That is candle lighting time. This however is only the preferred form of candle lighting.

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Cut meat into thin strips. Saute chicken and sesame seed in oil or butter until golden brown, adding more oil or butter, if needed. Stir in soy sauce, parsley and salt. Pour over well-chilled shredded lettuce and toss lightly. I demanded the recipe. And here it is for 4:

When a candle is burned in a spell, it is sometimes convenient to place it in a candle stand. This is especially true of offertory candles and small altar candles which are easily tipped over if they are not put into a holder of some kind.

We have an extensive collection of American candlesticks that must date back more than a few generations. How difficult will they be to date for valuation purposes? Candlesticks are a popular, but sometimes an expensive, collectible. So it’s understandable that candlestick collectors want to gather as much related information as possible to enhance resale value. But first, you’re going to have to do some homework on this subject, because there weren’t a lot of early craftsmen who signed and dated their work to make it easy for today’s collectors to tell when the pieces were produced.

During the Colonial period, candles were a primary source of light and were widely used by the early settlers.

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My fiance and I are getting married October 15th of this year. We met at summer camp six years ago, started dating just over four years ago and as of this spring we are set to be married. Erin is a wonderfully stylish woman and she has a great eye for design she’s a budding photographer and took most of these pictures for me and I appreciate her love for shabby chic design because it’s all stuff I can build and make for her.

Besides being a beautiful venue, they are also exceptionally accomodating with decorations and this led to among other great ideas, a wonderful set of chandeliers made from mason jars, a wagon wheel, barrel hoops, wire and some twine. Ask Question Step 1:

Purchased a little clear glass votive candle holder — not very impressive. Interesting part was the etching on the bottom of the glass. At first it looked like “” then my daughter pointed out that.

This reverse glossary lets you look up a variety of vintage and antique items using common terms. Check each of the sections, since many of the same terms apply to glass and pottery. And feel free to suggest additional terms that I should add. Large, usually rounded, blue or green, with narrow neck and stopper may be covered with straw, wicker or metal: Round, with inset rim: Plate that looks like a frying pan: Many websites use this term exclusively.

Small Shallow Bowls With or without handle: Small Glasses Shot glass size: Safety or Rollover clasp Necklace clasp that looks like a question mark and springs open: Open wire no closure: Fish hook common on older jewelry Open wire slips into hook at the end: Parure Piece that attaches a pendant to the necklace chain:

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The light will dance off these elegant candle holders made from colored metallic safety pins. A pretty project for the holidays!

By Carrie Grosvenor Candle mold release is one of the handiest products for candle makers to have in their arsenal of supplies. This simple product can sometimes mean the difference between a simple step in the candle making process and a very frustrating experience. What is Candle Mold Release? Mold release is a product that is used to help finished, cooled candles pop out of their molds easily. It is most often produced as a silicone spray, which is applied directly to the inside of the candle mold.

Release spray works with most types of candle wax and most candle molds, including solid molds and those that fit together in two or more pieces. This product is especially helpful for certain types of candle molds, such as: Brand new candle molds Older molds that might have scratches, small dents, or other wear and tear Candle molds with intricate designs or patterns Molds that are made from a single piece of metal or plastic, and require sliding the entire piece of wax out through one end when set.

Another type of mold release comes in the form of a wax additive called release wax. This is a powdery additive that increases the amount of fatty acid in candles, making them a little slicker and easier to remove from molds. How to Use Mold Release Candle mold release is very simple to use. Here’s how to prepare your candle molds with release spray, either before you begin making candles or while waiting for the wax to melt.

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The history of this foundry is well documented [1,2,3]. The first foundry was commercially more successful, while the second one was using a more advanced technology of galvanic silver deposition, which was first applied in Esslingen by the German chemist Carl Haegele in , the brother-in-law of Alfred Ritter. In the same year the Esslingen factory was dismantled and its equipment was incorporated into the Geislingen foundry.

The figure stands 12″ tall. The candle platform is behind the figure, so if you use it with a candle the flickering flame backlights the dancing figure of Kokopelli and the result is beautiful! You can also just use it as a metal sculpture, and the figure mostly hides the candle platform.

Merovingian art Merovingian art is the art and architecture of the Merovingian dynasty of the Franks , which lasted from the fifth century to the eighth century in present-day France and Germany. The advent of the Merovingian dynasty in Gaul during the fifth century led to important changes in the arts. In architecture, there was no longer the desire to build robust and harmonious buildings. Sculpture regressed to being little more than a simple technique for the ornamentation of sarcophagi , altars , and ecclesiastical furniture.

On the other hand, the rise of gold work and manuscript illumination brought about a resurgence of Celtic decoration, which, with Christian and other contributions, constitutes the basis of Merovingian art. The unification of the Frankish kingdom under Clovis I — and his successors, corresponded with the need to build churches.

The plans for them probably were copied from Roman basilicas.

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The arm consisted of a vase holding ring at either end and in the center either a candle pocket or a decorative knob, depending upon the arm model, and was produced in three sizes. The vases used with these arms lacked a foot and thus, could not stand by themselves. The vases were made in two styles, with and without a small knob at the bottom.

The patent application for the combined flower vase holder and candlestick was printed in the October issue, as Part I of this series dealing with epergnes and epergnettes. The term epergnette was used by Cambridge to designate those items that served as both candle and flower holders and did not make use of a detachable arm or special vase.

Royal Doulton Marks, base marks, pattern codes and trade marks. The Doulton marks are many and varied but most follow the same theme. Dating Royal Doulton products from their Doulton marks means you sometimes have to check very carefully.

We have two aims: The association carries out its activity on the internet within this website http: Its objectives are to host articles supplied by members on matters of common interest, to report links to websites related to silver and its hallmarks and to devote some pages to illustrate the most interesting pieces owned by our members Photos and a brief description will be sufficient. The page will be created by our staff: Our invitation is addressed to all private collectors and keen lovers of antique silver.

Professional dealers may join the ASCAS as collectors or for private interest on antique silver, but our website has no link with commercial firms or advertising objectives. Membership is absolutely free, but the association reserves the right to evaluate the requests for admission of its members. The request may be submitted by addressing an e-mail to silverassociation yahoo. It is a non-profit association without commercial links.

Membership is open to whomever has a true interest in this subject matter. ASCAS has no real property and no fees are requested nor accepted from members. ASCAS keeps in touch with its members only through periodical newsletters, e-mails and web-site updatings and ignores and is not responsible for any other activity pursued by its members. Likewise, ASCAS is not responsible for opinions, evaluation and images displayed, and in any form published or supplied for publication, by its members who, in any case, maintain the property of their works and assure the respect of national and international legislation about Intellectual Property.

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Lori Palatnik As the sun approaches the horizon, the magic begins. See companion article on the inspirational aspects of candle-lighting. Lighting time varies, depending on the time of year and city location, but must always be done before sunset. See a current online listing at aish. There are special calendars that you can buy at your local Jewish bookstore that will list all the candle lighting times for the year.

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